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25 Jun 2017

Reasons that Pavement May be the Greatest Indie Band Ever


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Posted By Michelle S.

For the title of the greatest Indie band ever, many people think that Pavement to be very deserving of that title. Pavement emerged on the scene in the 90s and their music continues to be popular with their fans love today. Indie music did not dominate the radio airwaves in that period of time.

However, Pavement was able to get people to open up their eyes to a completely new form of Indie music. They also were able to continue to introduce new elements that people were not getting from other musicians.

Indie music puts together diverse sounds and styles from a variety of genres and that approach to music is what makes it unique. In the 90s, alternative music was a very popular genre.

However, Indie music did not entirely fit into the alternative niche either. Pavement helped to give The Indie genre of music its own specific identity. They created several music videos that enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV.

People either love Pavement and their music or they do not. In some niches of the music loving public they are wildly popular and others have never heard of them.

If you are not already familiar with Pavement, it can be fun to listen to this Indie band . It come as a delightful surprise when you start to enjoy their sound more than you ever thought you would.

Pavement has released nine albums that have definitely contributed to the changes in the music world. If you are part of the music world that they are the greatest Indie band ever, you are in good company. There are lots of blogs on the web dedicated to them.

Pavement is also ready to rock with each other again After more than a decade apart. They have began to perform again and they are thrilling fans with their past hits.

Yet exist plenty of rumors that the band is going to release more new material soon too. That is news to get very excited about for those that believe Pavement to be the greatest Indie band ever, .


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